What Kind of Nailer Do You Use for Hardie Siding?

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What Kind of Nailer Do You Use for Hardie Siding?

A nail gun will be your best friend in accomplishing your siding projects. It will not only save you loads of time; it will give you relief from having to pound away with a hammer for hours. So, what kind of nailer do you use for hardie siding? This is probably the first question you have if you’re about to undertake a large siding project! 

Since you have to deal with nails on a hardie siding project, you must choose the ideal nail gun. But, without having adequate experience, you may struggle to find the appropriate nailer for your project. So, to make things as easy as possible, we’ve laid out all the important information you must know before undertaking such a tedious task. 

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What kind of nailer do you use for hardie siding?

A nailer is inevitable when you’re dealing with lots of nails in a siding project. In order to complete your fiber cement siding, you’ll need to purchase an appropriate nail gun. So, what kind of nailer should you use for hardie siding? If you have experience in building and doing construction-type projects, you may already know your way around a toolbox. However, if you’re just a novice, you may not know one tool from the next.

The best type of Nail Guns For Hardie Siding and Trim are called pneumatic nail guns. Pneumatic nail guns come with an advanced design and adjustments to give you the best operational support possible. Based on the type of siding you’re going to be nailing into, it will allow you to change the pressure accordingly. Moreover, it will accept and hold up siding nails smoothly versus other traditional nail guns. Of course, traditional nail guns may be able to handle the job just as well, but you should probably stick to a pneumatic nail gun to make the job easier.

Different types of siding:

Whenever you start installing siding, you’ll have several options available. You can pick one of the following options to ensure your home will end up looking gorgeous. We’re going to talk about some prominent siding options here.

Fiber-cement siding:

Fiber-cement siding is suitable for both commercial and domestic applications. The demand for this siding option is high due to the resistance to termites and the fact that it has fireproof properties. As dense materials are used on this siding, hammering the nails seems extremely difficult. Hence a quality nail gun is essential to this kind of siding installation.

Wood siding:

The wood siding features various styles, including shakes, lap siding, shingles, and so on. Wood is used as the prime material and to side the home. This type of siding lasts up to thirty years and can be installed by hand. But the overall process becomes easier and faster with the assistance of a nail gun.

Hardboard siding:

Hardboard siding is made from a mixture of resins, ground wood, glue. This type of siding is like particle board siding. A quality nail gun can assist in installing this siding as well. It requires proper care to accomplish the overall process precisely without facing any odds.

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How to use a siding nailer?

Only purchasing nail guns for hardie siding and trim won’t do. You must be well-versed in utilizing it properly. Do you know how to use a siding nail gun? If no, this section is for you.

Purchase your nails:

Before utilizing your nail gun on a siding project, you need to purchase the required nails. This is why it’s important to check your nail gun and ensure you’re purchasing nails of the appropriate size. The total number of nails depends on the range of your work and your nail gun’s capability. 

Use safety equipment:

You must use safety equipment when you deal with a nail gun. Otherwise, you may be putting yourself at risk for a nasty injury! For better protection, you can wear hand gloves and eye protection. Moreover, you should always wear a hard hat when doing construction-type projects.

Set your depth:

After loading your nails in the gun, you need to set the exact depth on your gun. You can change the depth through a siding nailer at ease. But you have to ensure the exact match of the depth to complete the project precisely. If you somehow mess up with setting the actual depth, it could ruin your nail gun. 

Shoot your nails:

After connecting your nail gun to the power source, you must shoot your nails. You have to hold the bottom of the gun and the handle with your hand. As the siding nailers have 360-degree accessibility, you have to be flexible enough to direct the gun. To ensure the most quality shot, you should try to hold the gun stable as long as possible.

Clear jams and clean your nailer:

You may encounter the common jam problem when using your nail gun. In this case, you have to determine the source of the jam and try to clear it out. Besides, you have to be wise enough to clean the nail gun after completing your project. Otherwise, your gun won’t last, and you’ll end up having to purchase a new one before you know it.


Among the vast collection of nailers out there, it may seem like a daunting task to pick up the ideal one. However, with the help of this guide, we hope you feel a bit more confident in taking on your next siding project!

So, in summary, what kind of nailer do you use for hardie siding? We recommend using a pneumatic nailer. This will be your most efficient choice and it will make your siding project a breeze!

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