Top 10 Power-saving Air Compressors: You Must Know About

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Top 10 Power-saving Air Compressors: You Must Know About

The best air compressors are devices that are known for converting the potential energy present in the air into kinetic energy, also known as compressed air.  The power of the motor is instrumental for this purpose. The compressor stores the air forcibly in the tank until the air pressure reaches its maximum level to shut off the compressor. This is the kinetic air which is used for various purposes.

example of the best air compressor

A few of the best air compressors are mentioned below:

1. DeWalt DXCM271:

This is equipped with a 15 Ampere 1.7 HP oil-free air compressor which performs at 120 Volts and 60 Hertz. It is a vertical steel tank of 27-gallon capacity which also possesses wheels and a handle for easy portability. Being oil-free, it has low maintenance costs and makes less noise. The motor requires low voltage for starting and can deliver power at 5.1 CFM at 90 PSI. High flow regulators and couplers help in maximizing the airflow and perform better.

2. California Air Tools CAT-30020C:

california air tools CAT-30029C air compressor

It possesses a powerful 2HP engine which performs at a meagre 1680 RPM. Thus the sound produced is very less at about 70 dB and is more durable. The minimum life duration is 3000 hours which is much more than other compressors. It is equipped with a 30 gallon steel tank and has low maintenance costs. It contains two wheels and an adjustable handle for easy portability. It is oil-free and thus can be used on uneven terrains.

3. California Air Tools 10020C:

This is another oil-free air compressor possessing a 2HP compressor and operates at 1680 RPM, thus producing less noise. The motor has a specific design which can boost the runtime of the motor considerably. It can run for a minimum of 3000 hours and can perform at various temperatures. The easy-start valve can start without taking up a lot of amperes and releases a bit of air while starting so that a no-load condition prevails. It is also equipped with quick couplers and a safety valve.

4. Makita MAC5200:

It is an oil-lubricated pump which possesses a 3 HP motor and a pump cylinder with pistons so that the output can be boosted. The pump has a large filter so that it can intake a larger amount of air and be more efficient. The 5.2 gallon tank can perform 6.9 CFM at 40 PSI and 6.5 CFM at 90 PSI. The discharge tubes have fins which can dissipate heat effectively and keep the pump cool. The roll-cage construction keeps it protected from adverse situations. The compressor also possesses a thermal overload protection.

5. Campbell Hausfeld DC080500:

campbell hausfield air compressor

It is another oil-free quiet air compressor which has a 7.5 Ampere 120 V motor which works at 60 Hz. It emits sound of about 68 dBA and performs a maximum of 125 PSI. It possesses a 8 gallon tank and is free of maintenance costs. The compressor is expected to last 4 times more than others and the regulator can be easily monitored due to the perfectly placed gauges.

6. Makita AC001:

It possesses a 0.167 HP powerful induction motor applying 125 PSI of air pressure. It weighs less and can be easily portable. It makes low noise and the low ampere motor prevents tripped breakers while starting. The motor assembly and the tank are well protected by a roll cage made of stainless steel. The brass coupler reduces corrosion and is thus easy to maintain. The large pressure gauges can be easily read and help in monitoring the tank pressure.

7. Makita MAC700:

It has a 2 HP, 12.4 Ampere motor with a pump lubricated with oil. The 2.6 gallon tank can deliver 3.3 CFM at 90 PSI and 3.8 CFM at 40 PSI while the maximum it can sustain is 130 PSI. It is extremely durable as it functions at a low 1720 RPM. The 0.25 inch coupler makes it compatible with all tools.

8. Bostitch U/BTFP02012:

It is a lightweight pancake compressor with an oil-free pump having no maintenance costs. The tank can tolerate a maximum level of 150 PSI and can deliver 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI. Functioning at 78.5 dBA, it has a 6 gallon tank. It is equipped with a high flow regulator which maintains constant flow of air while the universal couplers pair with all tools to provide amazing performances.

9. CAT-1P1060S:

It possesses a 0.6 HP motor which spins at 1680 RPM reducing noise. The oil-free motor and single piston pump keeps it durable for more than 3000 hours and gives better performance. The motor can deliver 1.2 HP at its peak. It runs at 110 volts at 60 HZ and draws a meagre 4.5 Ampere current. It possesses a 1 gallon steel tank which can be easily transported.

10.   WEN 2202:

compact air compressor

It is an oil-lubricated air compressor with a 15 Ampere motor and a steel tank which can withstand 135 PSI of air pressure. The tank possesses two wheels and rubber feet for stability while the handle enables easy transport. When the compressor attains the maximum PSI, The compressor triggers the auto shutdown feature, keeping the tank safe. It delivers an air flow of 5 CFM at 40 PSI and 3.8 CFM at 90 PSI. The two gauges are responsible for maintaining air flow and measuring internal pressure of the tank.

Uses of air compressors

Unlike air pumps, the best air compressors store the compressed air in the tank for future use. They are widely used to inflate balloons and tires while divers also use them for supply of air. They are also used in hospitals for providing oxygen through masks. Automobile owners keep them for emergency situations while air conditioners also use them for cooling the room.  Power plants use them as a source of energy and nowadays they are being used for various scientific purposes.


The best air compressors are useful for multiple purposes and are thus a great tool to have at homes or offices. They are also easily portable. However one should check their features before investing in them. The Horsepower, Pound per square inch (PSI), Cubic feet per minute of intake (CFM) and volume of tank are a few aspects to keep an eye upon.

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