Top 10 Best Bench Grinders: Expert Reviews


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Best Bench Grinders: Buyer’s Guide and Expert Reviews

If you own a workshop (even if it’s just your garage or man cave), then you know that the bench grinder is an absolute necessity. It helps in cutting and shaping metal sheets so that you can get any shape you want out of them. That is why it’s important that you find the best bench grinder for your workshop. However, this is not as easy as walking into any supplier and picking the most readily available bench grinder on the shelves.

You have to understand their different specs and what they offer. Beginners find it difficult to understand not only the different terminologies used for bench grinders but also the specifications. To be able to get the best bench grinders, it is important to understand these. This article will give you a guide on getting the best bench grinders, hints on what to look out for, and quality reviews of some of the best bench grinders currently available in the market.





Our rating


Dewalt-DW758 Bench Grinder

35 lbs.

1 year

WEN 4276


16 lbs.

2 year

JET 577102


59 lbs.

2 year

RIKON 80-805


37 lbs.

5 year

Black+Decker BG1500BD


15 lbs.

2 year

Bench Grinder Reviews: The Top 10 Best Bench Grinders

1. DeWalt DW758 Industrial Bench Grinder

If you are looking for the most advanced bench grinder in the market, the DeWalt DW758 is one of the best bench grinders you can find. Its superior power, advanced protective features, and durability allow it to claim its place among the best bench grinders in the market. It has a ¾ horsepower motor which is very powerful. With a grinding speed of 3600 RPM, it is one of the fastest grinders available today.

The bench grinder has two large 8-inch grinding wheels that are 30 and 60-grit. The large grinding wheels allow for heavy-duty grinding tasks without sabotaging the wheel’s lifespan. This gives it much-needed durability.

The overload protection, rugged cast iron base, and motor housing also provide durability and contribute to extending the life of the bench grinder. Besides that, you will enjoy a 3-year limited warranty that comes with the grinder. Furthermore, the bench grinder is equipped with tool-free adjustable guards to ensure the operator is safe from sparks and metal shavings. It is a very important safety feature.

While being a good bench grinder for any workshop, some people may find its price to be a little on the higher side though.


  • The grinder ensures durability and an extended lifespan by having a rugged cast iron base. The motor is also housed and covered.
  • It has a precision-machined tool rests made from aluminum that allow you to position your work accurately.
  • The grinding wheels are designed for heavy-duty tasks.


  • It is quite heavy and difficult to move around with.
  • Some people may find it to be a little expensive.

2. WEN 4276 Rust Remover Bench Grinder

The WEN 4276 Rust Remover bench grinder should be on top of your list if you are looking for a lightweight bench grinder. The grinder comes in handy when you want to remove rust or deburr the edges of a material. It is a 6-inch wheeled bench grinder weighing only 16 pounds and comes with a speed of 3450 RPM. One of the things you will love about this grinder is the ability to easily change the wheels, allowing you versatility and convenience. It also has an adjustable work light that allows you to work even in darkness.

The grinder has a 36 and 60-grit heavy-duty base. It doesn’t produce any noise or vibrations, so you are sure you won’t be waking up your downstairs neighbors when using this grinder. Additionally, it is relatively cheap and suitable for buyers on a budget. The grinder comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • It is a noise and vibration-free bench grinder so you can quietly complete your tasks.
  • The grinder comes with an adjustable work light that allows you to work even in dim light.
  • It also offers easy wheel replacement.
  • The grinder is relatively cheap and affordable even to those on a budget.


  • It is lightweight and therefore not suitable for heavy use. It cannot be used for industrial purposes.
  • The grinder takes time to pick up speed.

3. JET 577102 8-Inch Bench Grinder

Just like the WEN 4276 Rust Remover bench grinder, the JET 577102 8-Inch Bench Grinder also has a speed of 3450 RPM. It has 8-inch wheels and offers 1 horsepower. If you are looking for large grinding wheels and a powerful motor with impressive motor speeds, then this grinder should be one of the bench grinders in your list for consideration. You will have a high-performance bench grinder that is very fast for your workshop. The wheels are 36 and 60-grit and can accommodate a wide range of materials.

The grinder also puts your safety into consideration and comes with large eye shields, spark guards, and dust vents that channel the metallic dust away from you when in use. The spark guards and the eye shields are easily adjustable. It is also installed with adjustable tool rests to allow optimal positioning and rubber mounts to prevent vibrations as a way of ensuring stability when the grinder is in operation. The grinder has a two-year limited warranty. It is, however, one of the most expensive grinders in the market.


  • It is a powerful grinder that can undertake heavy-duty tasks.
  • The large grinding wheels offer durability.
  • It has safety features to protect the operator.
  • The grinder also offers stability when in use.


  • It is very expensive.

4. Rikon 80-805 Bench Grinder

The Rikon 80-805 bench grinder is a light-duty grinder with a ½ horsepower for basic home grinding projects. If you are a craftsperson who mostly works with hand tools, then you will find this grinder to be quite effective. It has a ½ horsepower that comes with a speed of 1750 RPM.

The grinder has two 60 and 120-grit 8-inch wheels that can accommodate a wide range of materials. It offers precision grinding and is suitable for sharpening tasks. It is also designed to reduce the buildup of heat during operations.

The grinder comes fitted with an iron cast base and anti-vibration rubber feet that ensure sturdiness and stability when in use. There is also a groove that you can use to grind drill bits. To ensure safety during operations, the grinder is installed with spark resistors and safety eye shields.

One of the things you will love about this grinder is that it also comes with a lock key to prevent unauthorized access, so you won’t have to worry about children’s accidents. The product comes with a 5-year warranty. It is, however, a little bit too pricey for a light-duty bench grinder.


  • It has large wheels for a variety of uses.
  • The grinder has safety features that protect you when you are using it.
  • It also offers stability during use.
  • The grinder is designed to reduce the buildup of heat when in use.


  • It has low speeds.
  • The grinder is quite expensive for a light-duty grinder.

5. Black & Decker BG1500BD 6-inch Bench Grinder

The Black & Decker BG1500BD is also one of the most powerful and fastest 6-inch grinders you can find in the market. Coming with a 1.8-ampere and 120-volt motor, the grinder has two wheels and a speed of 3450 RPM which makes it perfect for both grinding and sharpening tasks. It is suitable for sharpening a number of tools including mower blades, knives, and garden tools among others.

Despite all its power, the Black & Decker BG1500BD weighs less than 15 pounds and can, therefore, be considered lightweight. It also has two mounting holes in case you need to use the grinder on a workbench. The grinder is perfect for home use. It is however not ideal for polishing, grinding specialized tools, buffing, and other heavy-duty professional uses.

The grinder is relatively cheap and affordable to those on a budget. It also comes with a two-year warranty.


  • It has a powerful motor that comes with high speed.
  • It is lightweight compared to other bench grinders of similar power.
  • The grinder is designed for both grinding and sharpening tasks.
  • For such a powerful bench grinder, it is relatively cheap and affordable.


  • The grinder is not ideal for heavy-duty tasks. You will have to restrict yourself to using it for basic home tasks.

6. Porter-Cable PCB575BG Variable-Speed Bench Grinder

When it comes to the best bench grinders with variable speed, then the Porter-Cable PCB575BG is one of the best you can find. If you are a professional working on a wide range of projects with a variety of tools, then you know you should get a variable-speed bench grinder. The Porter-Cable PCB575BG is what you are looking for.

Equipped with a ¾ horsepower motor, the bench grinder comes with a variable speed of between 2000 and 3400 RPM. You can use the low speed for polishing or buffing metals while using the high speed for sharpening tools. It also has two large 8-inch wheels that are 36 and 60-grit. To ensure your safety during operations, two eye shields and spark guards shield the wheels. Additionally, the grinder has a flexible 40-watt light that enables you to work in dim lights. The problem is that the grinder is very heavy and difficult to move around with.


  • It has a powerful horsepower motor.
  • The grinder offers variable speeds for different tasks and purposes.
  • It also comes with safety features for protection during use.
  • It is quite cheap and affordable too.


  • The grinder is quite heavy and difficult to transport.

7. Sunex Tools 5001A Bench Grinder

The Sunex Tools 5001A bench grinder is another lightweight grinder with a weight of about 13 pounds, making it very portable and ideal for offsite projects. Running on a powerful ¾ horsepower motor, the grinder has a speed of 3450 RPM, and is perfect for light-duty tasks. Another feature that makes the Sunex Tools 5001A a perfect grinder is that it has two large mounting holes on the base. This allows for easy installation of the bench grinder on any workspace. It also has an adjustable 40-watt work lamp that provides illumination whenever needed.

As it is lightweight, it is not advisable to use this bench grinder for heavy-duty tasks. The pricing for this grinder is quite reasonable and affordable even to buyers working with a budget. It comes with a one-year warranty.


  • The grinder is lightweight and easily portable for off-site projects.
  • It comes with mounting holes for easy installation in working spaces.
  • It also comes with an adjustable lamp for working in dim lights.


  • It is only limited to light-duty tasks and can’t handle heavy-duty grinding.
  • The grinder only comes with a 1-year warranty, unlike most products that offer at least two years of limited warranty.

8. Metabo DS 200 Bench Grinder

The Metabo DS 200 bench grinder is another powerhouse and currently one of the best bench grinders available in the market. It is very powerful and one of the fastest bench grinders you can find. It has a 1.25 horsepower motor and a speed of 3570 RPM, making it a high-performance bench grinder that is perfect for commercial heavy-duty grinding.

The grinder comes with durable and reliable 8-inch wheels that can serve you for a long time before needing replacement. It has a superior induction motor designed to minimize noise and vibrations for industrial applications. You will enjoy precision grinding when using this bench grinder.

One of the good things about this grinder is that they have prioritized your safety, with the wheels covered with protective die-cast aluminum covers. The covers also have bayonet locks which enables you to simply and quickly change the discs.

As expected of any such powerful grinder, the Metabo DS 200 Bench Grinder is very expensive and comes at a premium cost. It is, however, worth every cent you will spend on it. It also offers a 3-year warranty if you register your product online. Otherwise, it is a standard 1-year warranty.


  • It has a powerful motor designed for heavy-duty industrial grinding.
  • It also offers high speeds for fast grinding.
  • The grinder has low noise and vibrations when in use.
  • Besides its safety features, the grinder also allows for easy disc changes.


  • It is a premium product that is very expensive.
  • It is also quite heavy and difficult to move around with.

9. Delta 23-196 6-inch Bench Grinder

Coming with a 2.5 ampere and a motor that has 120 volts, the Delta 23-196 bench grinder is one of the most powerful 6-inch grinders you can find in the market. It is more than perfect for sharpening and grinding tasks. It also offers variable speeds of between 2000 and 3450 RPM. The grinding wheels, which are ¾ inches thick, are 36 and 60-grit and ideal for sharpening knives and gardening tools among others.

The grinder is also accompanied by a 6-feet long power cord for extended reach in your workshop. Despite its immense power, the grinder only weighs about 29 pounds. It comes with mounting holes to make it easier to mount on a work space.

It is however quite pricey even if it is totally worth the cost. The grinder also comes with a 5-year limited warranty to boot.


  • It has a very powerful motor suited for heavy-duty industrial uses.
  • The grinder also comes with variable speeds for a wide variety of grinding needs.
  • It is accompanied by a power cord to enable extended reach within the workshop.
  • The grinder has adjustable safety shields to ensure you are safe when using the machine.


  • It is relatively expensive for buyers on a budget.
  • It is also quite heavy and difficult to move around with.
  • The grinder does not come with an illuminating lamp for dim work stations.

10. SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch Bench Grinder

The SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch bench grinder has a 2.1 amperes motor with a speed of 3450 RPM. It is very lightweight and only weighs 8.48 pounds. The grinder is perfect for cutting or shaping both wood and metal materials. There is a single LED light attached on top of each wheel to provide light when you are working in a dim space. You can also easily remove the wheel guards when you need to grind larger pieces of materials or to simply change the wheels.

The grinder comes with rubber feet to ensure stability and adjustable tool rests for accuracy during operations. Safety features such as eye shields are also included in the grinder. The grinder is relatively cheap and affordable even if you are on a budget. This is one the best bench grinders for beginners and will enable you to get a feel for the tools capabilities. Plus, it comes with a 3-year warranty.


  • It comes with removable wheel guards that allow you to grind larger pieces of materials and also easily change the wheels.
  • The grinder is lightweight and very portable for off-site operations.
  • It is quiet and offers stability during grinding.


  • It is lightweight and not suitable for heavy-duty tasks.

Honorable Mention: Genesis GBG800L 8-Inch Bench Grinder

The Genesis GBG800L bench grinder is another high-quality grinder that will offer you excellent performance even in intense situations. It has a ½ horsepower induction motor that will allow you to smoothly and quietly sharpen or grind your materials non-disruptively and unobtrusively. The wheels are 8-inch and come in 36 and 60-grit.

Besides having a heavy-duty iron base for stability, it also comes with mounting holes for mounting on work spaces. You will get to enjoy both strength and stability when operating this grinder. It also features adjustable work lights for undertaking tasks in dim spaces. The grinder is relatively cheap and comes with the standard 2-year warranty.


  • The grinder has an induction motor for a non-disruptive and unobtrusive operation.
  • It offers stability and strength when in use.
  • It is suitable for heavy-duty grinding tasks.


  • The grinder weighs about 30 pounds and is quite heavy. This makes it difficult to move around with.

Bench Grinder Buyer's Guide

Uses for Bench Grinders

The main function of bench grinders is to cut and shape metal sheets. However, you can get so much out of them. There are several other uses you can use bench grinders for. This enables you to get the best value for your money.

For starters, you can also use bench grinders for plumbing work. You can use the bench grinder to cut plumbing pipes, grind the pipes down to an appropriate length for any space, or to just smooth out rough patches. If you are doing do-it-yourself plumbing projects, it will be much easier and faster to work with either plastic or metal pipes.

On top of that, the bench grinder can serve as a high-speed sanding machine if you are planning on doing some repainting. You can use it to remove layers of old paint or smooth off a surface before the repainting is done. Furthermore, you can also use it to smooth floorboards and other wooden surfaces, and efficiently level out joints for building furniture.

Lastly, the grinder can be helpful in removing grout between tiles when you need to re-grout or replace floor tiles.

6" vs. 8" Bench Grinders?

For all these uses, the grinding wheel is the most important part of the bench grinder. It is the part that provides the actual grinding power and an abrasive surface for the grinding to be done effectively. When it comes to performance, it is not only the size of the wheel and the material used that matters but also the shape. The 6-inch grinding wheel is large and powerful enough for common DIY tasks around the house. Professionals may, however, need the industrial 8-inch bench grinder for more power and functionality.

In terms of materials, silicon carbide abrasive wheels are more suitable for cast iron while aluminum oxide grinding wheels are more suited to steel objects. They come in different shapes, namely straight wheels, tapered wheels, and cylinder wheels. Though rare, there are also cut off wheels, diamond wheels, and saucer wheels.

When looking for the best bench grinder, you want something that would be able to serve your interests and guarantee value for your money. Here are some of the factors to put into consideration when shopping for a bench grinder:

1. The Size

Should you go for the 6-inch or the 8-inch bench grinder? The major difference between the two is that the 8-inch wheeled bench grinders have low speeds while the 6-inch ones have regular speeds.

2. The Type of Wheel

Getting the right wheels for your bench grinder makes the work a lot easier. There are three common types of wheels for bench grinders: straight, cylinder, and tapered wheels.

Straight wheels are the most common and are very ideal for surface grinding and sharpening chisels.

Cylinder wheels, also known as hollow wheels, are more suitable for horizontal or vertical bench grinders. They, however, tend to be large and heavy.

Lastly, tapered wheels are specialized wheels that are ideal for grinding gear threads or teeth. They offer large grinding surfaces but offer very little in terms of fineness.

3. The Speed

Though bench grinders with constant speeds are the most common, there are also those with variable speed motors. If you are looking for a pretty straightforward bench grinder for basic use at home, then you should for the constant-speed bench grinder with a speed of 3000 RPM as the fixed speed will be able to serve all your grinding needs.

The variable-speed bench grinder is more suitable for professionals who will have different tasks to carry out. They can, for example, use the lower speeds for buffing and polishing metals and the high speeds for sharpening.

4. The Weight

The weight of the bench grinder is an important factor to consider because the weight of the bench grinder also impacts its stability and vibration-reduction capabilities. The heavier it is, the more stable it is and the fewer vibrations it has.

The heavier bench grinders also offer much more superior features compared to the lightweight ones. However, lightweight bench grinders are much easier to move around with. While the bench grinders on the heavier side can weigh more than 30 pounds, the lightweight ones can be less than 20 pounds.

5. Extra features

Some bench grinders come with extra features to enhance their capacity and value to the user. Most of these features are intended to make the bench grinders safe to operate. For example, some may have an adjustable spark guard to prevent the sparks from getting in contact with your body. Some also offer adjustable eye shields that are helpful in preventing the metal shavings from getting into your eyes. Other important extra features that you may want to look out for include dust vents, the mounting hole, and rubber feet.

The dust vents help to channel the metallic dust away from the grinder and yourself. The mounting hole comes in handy when you want to mount the grinder on a surface for a given task. It is found on the base of the bench grinder. The rubber feet are intended to help in reducing the vibrations from the bench grinder when it is in operation.

6. Your budget

There are a wide variety of bench grinder models available for both premium buyers and those on a budget. The good news is that you don’t have to compromise on quality even if you are a buyer on a budget. You will always find something that fits within your budget.

However, professional heavy-duty bench grinders are much more expensive than the basic ones as they have the industrial build quality, offer extra features, and are high performance. The low budget bench grinders are designed more for DIY and domestic projects, but don’t sacrifice quality if you find the right brand.

Steps to Buying the Best Bench Grinder

Shopping for a bench grinder can be such a daunting task, even for experienced buyers. These simple steps can make the work easier when it comes to buying a bench grinder.

1. Identify your grinding needs.

It may sound like something that is quite obvious, but it will surprise you how many people don’t know the specific need they have for a bench grinder. As a result, they almost always end up with a bench grinder that can’t serve their needs.

The last thing you want is to waste your money on a bench grinder with high RPM when all you need to do is to sharpen. Or buy a low RPM bench grinder when you want to buffer. If you are unsure of your exact needs, you can consult a professional or just purchase the best bench grinder with variable speeds even though it will cost you more.

2. Set your budget.

Working with a given budget will make it easier to shop around for a bench grinder and avoid blowing all your money on a grinder. A budget will help you determine the important features on your bench grinder and what features you can do without.

For example, does your budget allow you to go for a bench grinder with variable speeds? Having a budget will enable you to shop around for the best deal instead of just picking up the first bench grinder you come across in the store.

3. Select a brand that is reputable.

The big brands have a reputation for a reason. They offer quality products. It is better to pay more for reputable brands and have a long-lasting quality product than buy on the cheap and spend more on repairs or replacements. This is not to say that the less-known brands will offer you a bad deal.

To be honest, some of the less-known brands will give you a better deal than the established ones. However, if two different brands have almost the same price, then it is better to go with the more established brand. Besides the quality of the product, there are also other factors such as customer service that you have to put into consideration when selecting the brand.

4. Do a market comparison.

Shopping for the best bench grinder requires patience instead of jumping on the first deal you come across. Look at product and company reviews and compare the prices of different brands whether shopping in a physical store or online. This will enable you to make the best decision with your interests taken care of.

While this guide only lists the top ten best bench grinders, there are a lot of grinders available in the market that will guarantee value for your money. Take time and do your research to get the best deal.

5. Make the purchase

After settling on a particular bench grinder, you should also look out for the product warranty and in case the bench grinder comes with any accessories. Make sure that the grinder is also accompanied by instructions and safety precautions when being operated. If you have any concerns, ensure that they are addressed before making the payment.

Bench Grinder Safety Tips

Most of these bench grinders, if not all, are fitted with safety features to protect you when operating the grinders. This does not mean that you have no part to play in ensuring your safety when operating a bench grinder. Here are a few safety tips to ensure that you are protected when using a bench grinder:

  1. Always keep a container full of water nearby when grinding metals. You can use the water to cool down the metal when it heats up.
  2. To keep your fingers away from the wheel during operations; always use locking pliers to hold small materials.
  3. Before you start any task, ensure that you wear the appropriate protective gear. You should have a face, eye, and ear protective gear. In some instances, you may also need to have respiratory protection and metatarsal safety boots.
  4. Avoid loose-fitting clothes and jewelry when operating the bench grinder. They can be fatal if they get caught in the wheels of the grinder.
  5. Always use the right grinder and wheels designed for that specific task. If you are unsure about the appropriate grinder and wheel to use, you should consult or leave the job to a professional.
  6. Always inspect the bench grinder to ensure that there are no faulty parts before starting any job. If there are any cracked wheels, do not use them. It is also advisable to first securely mount the grinder on a workspace or the floor before you start operating it.
  7. When starting the bench grinder, stand to one side in case of any malfunction during start up. You can get harmed if you stand right in front of it.
  8. Before you start your tasks, you should let the grinder reach operating speed. This will take up to a minute. To bring the material into contact with the wheel, use the tool rest using minimum force. Using excessive force to put the material into contact with the wheel can result in kickback.
  9. Never use the side of the wheel for grinding as this can cause the wheel to disintegrate and cause harm. Ensure that the workspace does not have any flammable or combustible materials such as solvents or scraps to avoid fire accidents when the sparks fly into them.
  10. Always ensure that the grinder is turned off when the task is complete. Wait until it comes to a complete stop before storing it away and cleaning the work area. Do not try to stop the grinder faster by sticking any object into the wheel.

Bonus tip: Instead of one heavy dressing after a long period of time, regularly carry out light dressings. Your wheels will last longer that way.


The purpose of this guide was to ensure that you are well informed to make the right choice on your next purchase of a bench grinder. The above-mentioned grinders are some of the best bench grinders on the market today. Depending on your specific needs, any of the brands will turn out great for you and be able to serve your purposes. They are guaranteed to offer value for your money. Whichever choice you decide to go for, you should always ensure that it is a reputable brand that has great after-sales support. It is not uncommon to encounter problems after making a purchase.

Always keep in mind the important factors to consider when shopping for the best bench grinder. These include the type of grinder, its weight, speed, type of intended use, and the budget at your disposal. You can always refer to this guide whenever you need help or reference. Unlike other tools such as hammers or spanners that can simply be picked off a store shelf, bench grinders are expensive tools that need a little bit of time and research to pick the right one. This list is not exhaustive, there are still a lot of good bench grinders that you can find on the market if you dedicate yourself to it. Remember that the more functionality it offers, the more expensive it may be.

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